Research Facilities:

  • Agnitron Agilis Metal-organic Chemical Vapor Epitaxy (MOVPE) for growth of Gallium (Aluminum) Oxide thin films and heterostructures housed at the Utah Nanofab
    • Vertical quartz tube reactor with a far injection showerhead (2 inch wafer capability)
  • Home-built Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition System (LPCVD)
  • On-campus shared material characterization (XRD, AFM, SEM, TEM, XPS/UPS, UV-Vis, Ellipsometry)
    • Surface Science Lab (Utah Nanofab)
    • Material Characterization Lab
  • On-campus shared micro/nanofabrication facilities
    • Utah Nanofab cleanroom
  • Electrical characterization labs (Labs of Prof.Michael A. Scarpulla and Prof. Berardi Sensale Rodriguez)
    • Probe station (High voltage capability being added) with Keithley 4200 SCS
    • Cryogenic probe station/DLTS
    • RF Probe Station & VNA